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Hindi News Video News bulletin जब तक मोहम्मद शमी को हसीन...

जब तक मोहम्मद शमी को हसीन जहां विवाद में क्लीनचिट नहीं मिल जाती तब तक के लिए बीसीसीआई ने मोहम्मद शमी का कॉन्ट्रैक्ट होल्ड पर डाल दिया है

With Mohammed Shami going 'underground' amid allegations of domestic violence and attempted murder, the Board of Control for Cricket of India (BCCI) has said that his contract will be kept on hold untill he gets a clean chit. A BCCI official told India TV that the pacer's contract was withheld after an FIR was lodged against him by his wife Jahan after she allegedly accused Shami for threatning to kill and infidelity. For more sports stories and updates: